About Me

I'm 27, from Ireland and I'm currently living in Oxford. In my work, what interests me are big questions and the technology used to answer them whether that means trial design, data analysis, machine learning algorithms or building cool hardware.

Career so far


Data Science

A major contribution of my PhD were the algorithms I developed to predict health outcomes from activity patterns. I generated these algorithms using regression and validated them in clinical trials.

Machine Learning

I have used machine learning techniques to detect activities of daily living from patterns in inertial sensor data fused with force sensors. I used Matlab for algorithm development and testing.

Scientific Writing

I have published in international journals both in medical and engineering fields. I have also written a patent application. Presenting to audiences from different backgrounds is also a strength.

Software Engineering

I have experience with a range of software engineering tools and languages including Android development (Java), iOS development (Obj. C), Embedded C, Matlab and Python.

Clinical Trial Design

I designed and ran clinical trials to validate both my data collection hardware and health prediction algorithms with both young health and older adult participants

Hardware Design

I developed a wearable device to collect activity pattern data during my PhD. I have since expanded on my hardware development knowledge significantly while working at Vicon Motion Systems.